History & Facts

Springwood Acupuncture Clinic first opened its door to the Vancouver public on September 15, 2004. Situated in the heart of the greater Vancouver area, in a modern business complex in a clean environment and beautiful surroundings. We provide an alternative to allopathic medicine to many patients who came to us as a last resort, but probably would have been better served if they had bypassed allopathic medicine altogether. The reason is simply because we strive to treat the root cause while allopathic medicine often treats just the symptoms.

Founded by Dr. Margaret Kuo, who was at one time a skin disorder sufferer herself. In early 2000, after half an year of mistreatment she received from dermatologist, the ever-worsening condition forced her to look outside the conventional medicine for answer to the skin iches that had morphed into atopic dermatitis. She found the answer in a Tokyo clinic headed by Dr. Tsai, who specializes in treating severe skin disorders using applied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods. The swift recovery soon followed. The experience changed her paradigm forever, and she started to explore the world of energetic medicine.

After completing her acupuncture degree in 2003 and obtaining her BC Acupuncturist licence, Margaret went to Tokyo to practice with Dr. Tsai for eight month. After successfully providing care for dozens of skin patients in Tokyo, Margaret obtained Dr. Tsai's permission to bring his unique healing method to Vancouver.

Although our specialty is treating skin related disorders, we have expanded our practice with our team of experts to treat various health problems using a range of effective treatment options such as NEAT, TCM massage, acupuncture and customized herbal formula. We look forward to help our patients resolve their long-standing health issues by treating the root of the problem.