The K&Y Difference

At Springwood, we care about our patients. Our goal is to help our patient achieve healthy living by providing the correct diagnosis followed by the right treatment. We put our patient's interest first. The following is a testimonial by one of our eczema patient:

"I have been a eczema sufferer for most of my life. While growing up through childhood, I simply followed the advice of my family doctors, all of them had prescribed steriod ointments. I didn't know any better at the time, as I simply did what I was told to do: applying ointments over ointments in hopes that the next one would cure the problem. As my problem gradually worsen and it was taking control of my daily life; avoiding to go out in public, dealing with sleepneses nights, enduring with the itch. The worst is the itch! I would find myself scratching to the point that it bleeds. The next step I took was to see a dermatologist. I ended up with repeated visits for two years. After consulting with several (3) specialists during that time, I realized that I never truly found the satisfactory answer that I was looking for. I could not accept the fact that I was going to take steroid creams to no end.

I reached a rock bottom point in my life. I picked myself up and muster my strength to find the answer. I wanted to find a cure so bad. I want the pain to go away and I didn't want to settle for anything less. So I sought out to find my own answer to my skin troubles and health in general. I started reading up any and all info about my disease. I went on to buy different prodcuts and consulted several doctors of different medical disciplines. At one point, I followed my intuition and went cold turkey on all the steriod creams that I took. I told myself I never wanted to depend on them again. That particular transition period was toughest period of my life. I had flare-ups coming back worst than ever before. I even doubted if I did the right thing. I noticed weakend immunity and my allergies worsen to just about everything. I survived through it. I took my disease as a signal for change. I changed my eating habits, quit work to avoid the daily stresses; simply I alter much of my living lifestyle for the better. Continuing my search, I meet Margaret at Springwood Healing clinic.

Margaret first educated me on my skin disease. She initially lent me a book written by Doctor Tsai. Through my own experience, I was initially intrigued and at the same time amazed at Dr. Tsai's insight. Margaret did not advertise that the process will be painless or that the treatment was an instant cure. Contrary to other's advice, she did not ask me to endure through the itch with the sheer willpower to not scratch. She provided both psychological support, internal treatment through poron poron herbal pills, and applied bloodletting for relief. Over a span of several sessions, the internal-external treatment provided continual and visible improvements (and I got before/after photos and better sleep to prove it!).

I now am able to cope with the flare-ups which happen much less frequently. I would say I'm 80% there and on my way to healing. Many thanks to the supportive staff at Springwood Healing clinic. Thanks for reclaiming my health back! "