Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Type II diabetes is a common endocrine metabolic disease characterized by abnormal increase of blood sugar concentration, caused by the metabolic disturbance resulted from insufficiency of insulin secretion. Classic symptoms are increased food and drinks consumption and urination, and weight loss. Some patients may develop itchiness in skin and pubic region. This disease mostly develops in middle and old age. There are also common complications such as atherosclerosis, renal and retinal angionosis, neuropathy, etc.


Hyperthyroidism is induced by an excessive secretion of the thyroid hormone due to various causes. This will result in the over excitment of body's digestive, circulative, and nervous systems. Main symptoms along with heightened metabolism are sweating, afraid of heat, weight loss, increased appetite and excretion. Laboratory examination reveals increase of total T3, T4, TF3, TF4 and decrease of TSH.

Hypertrophy of the Prostate

This is a common disease among the male elderly aged 50 and above. This condition is characterized by frequent and urgent urination, difficult in urination, and even dysuria and dribbling urine.