Women's Diseases

Menstrual Disorders

One of the most common disorders among women, involving irregular cycle and quantity of menstruation, and the pain associated with it.

Menopausal Syndrome

This refers to the bodily discomfort accompanying the stoppage of menstruation at age 45~55 and reduced secretion of female hormone. Symptoms include recurrent fever, sweating, emotional upheaval, dizziness and tinnitus, palpitation and insomnia, pain in the waist, back and joints, and fluctuation of blood pressure。


Mastopathy is a benigh increase in mammary gland tissue, and it is a result of endocrine dysfunction. The mammary lump can form in the shape of chain, sheet or small globes. It can occur as a single or multiple mass, and can be found in one side or both sides of the breast. The distending pain occurs periodically and more severly before menstruation. The pain usually subsides afterwards. The process is slow and discomforting.


It refers to chronic non-suppurative masses in the breasts of women, usually found in women ages 20~30. 10 to 20 percent of the cases can have multiple growth, in the shape of globe or sheet. The boundary is clear and has a smooth surface. It occurs more frequently in the upper quadrant of the breast. A small percentage of patients will have the mass grow during the pregnancy and breast-feeding period.


Couples with normal sexual life without using contraception for two years without pregnancy can be classified as infertility. Having no experience of pregnancy after marriage is known as primary infertility or sterility. With prior pregnancy but have not been pregnant without contraception for two years is called secondary infertility. Causes for female infertility include irregular menstruation and illness of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes and the womb.