Mental and Emotional Illness


One of the most common mental illness, and frequently occurs to introverted group of people who happens to have lower threshold for stress tolerance. Clinical symptoms include feeling depressed continuously, being nervous and afraid, feeling of pressure building up in the chest and experiencing insomnia.


Insomnia occurs when patients cannot attain normal sleeping characterized by enough sleeping hours and depth of sleep. The lack of quality sleep affects the daytime activities and prevents the restoration of vigor and the elimination of fatigue. Patients with slight insomnia find it hard to fall into sleep while easily waking up from sleep. Others with serious case of insomnia can go for days without sleeping.


Neurosis is a general term applied to the mental disorder characterized primarily by anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia, nervous breakdown. The clinical expression of this condition is complex and varied, but there is a lack of corresponding physical lesion. It is relatively persistent, but treatable.