General Advice For Healthy Living

Regular Aerobic Exercise

Regular exercise helps increase our immune system and keeps our bodies in shape. We have to be careful to get the right type of exercise - aerobic exercise. This refers to any exercise where our bodies are getting sufficient oxygen while we exercising. One way to make sure while we jog for example aerobically is to get a heart rate monitor, and use it to help maintain a steady pace. Another easier way is to see if we run and still maintain a conversation with a running partner. This indicate that we haven't run too fast to catch our breath between the sentences. Doing aerobic exercises for 30 minutes 3 days a week will help keep our heart strong, our metabolic rate high, fit and healthy.

Having Enough Sleep

Sufficient sleep is fundamental to our mental and physical well being. A lot of mental distresses can trace their root cause to not having enough sleep. It is best to sleep early around 10:30pm, because according to TCM theory each organ has its own time of day for R&R. Liver's hours of rest is between 11pm and 1am. Someone who sleeps late will miss out this chance for liver to rest and cleanse itself, and liver is an important organ that plays an important role in detoxification.