SRT as a preventive treatment

This technique can treat various health problems effectively, including easing pain caused by local swelling, stimulating muscle and tendon, detoxifying and relieving bodily fatigue. The effect is immediate and this micro-surgery is one of the most distinguishable TCM methods.

According to TCM theories, every human body's component - organs, meridians are a unified organism. It is important for such organism to achieve blood/qi harmony and yin/yang balance. Maintaining this essential homeostasis is the priority for people of the modern age.

Our clinic pays attention to the TCM theory of body's qi and blood that stagnant blood is a primary cause of various illnesses. The resulting illness negatively impact patient's work and life. We therefore strive to eradicate this problem by removing stagnant blood underneath the skin at meridian points using sterile needle and modern air suction equipment. By removing the stagnant blood will pave the way for body to regenerate new, healthy blood to circulate previously stagnant area.

The result of this treatment if done monthly is a stronger immune system and a body that is more resilient to aging.