Bian Ston Products

Bian stone therapy was an important component of the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, it disappeared from the history records due to the shortage of suitable bian stone material. In recent years, thanks to the joint effort made by some distinguished geologists and TCM scholars, the source of the material for making bian stone was located. Its properties were rigorously examined by scientific institutes in China. Bian stone is found to be
1. Non-radioactive
2. made of microcrystalline metamorphic gray rock
3. produce rich ultrasonic wave (frequencies between 20kHz~2MHz) when struck.

Because of the above qualities, products made of bian stone can improve health by enhancing circulation. Wearer often reports that their joint pains are gone after a few days of wearing bian stone band and bracelets. The bian stone massage plates are so smooth to the skin that no massage oil is required to apply TCM massage.

Ankle bandAnkle Band

Hair CombHair Comb


Massage plate (large)Massage plate (large)

Massage plates (small)Massage plates (small)

Wrist bankdsWrist bankds