Extended Medical Coverage

Please check with your employer's extended medical policy. Some policies do provide an annual amount of acupuncture coverage.

WCB Claim

The following is a quote from WorkSafeBC: "The Board does not generally accept responsibility for acupuncture. Any exception must be previously authorized. Even where an exception is allowed it is usually only for a short period of time and then only in conjunction with an overall program for dealing permanently with the worker’s problem such as is found at a pain clinic. The Board would not likely authorize the treatment where it was being carried out on a routine long-term basis. Where approval of acupuncture treatment is granted, the number of treatments allowed and the fees payable will be set. Requests for authorization of acupuncture treatment are initially referred by the Board officer to the Unit or Area Office Medical Advisor. The request should provide details such as the number of treatments, the cost and the expected benefits. Treatments that do not meet the above general criteria are usually denied at the unit or area office level." We therefore think you are covered only when you are pre-approved by the board for acupuncture.